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11-13-2016, 01:19 AM
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We are so sad to report that one of THR's founding members has left us. Denise was an admin on TMS, and the driving force behind taking the basic ideals of TMS and creating a drama free site where members could express their love and appreciation of all aspects of Taylor Hicks. I remember, like it was yesterday, the conference call that Denise, Kathy, Liz and I had. I was sitting in my car in a parking lot waiting for my daughter to get out of HS soccer practice. We talked about what to do about the demise of TMS. We all wanted to get back to what it started out to be. It was there in that parking lot that TaylorHicksRocks was born. Denise had an amazing intensity and enthusiasm. This site would not have existed without it. RIP my friend. Too bright too fast. ❤️

Some of Denise's favorites:

"Peace, love, and scruff"
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11-13-2016, 09:35 AM
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RE: Denise
Oh how she loved "Big Boss Man" and the harp mic....and who did not lust profusely over "Boston Taylor"??!! Gah....

I adored Denise. Loved getting to know the real person. We only met a couple of times in real life, but had great conversations on FB and in pm's. She was such a decent, intelligent, loving person. I will miss her tremendously.

RIP Denise. Your light will always shine on in your friends and family.

"...cause boots makes your fuckin’ feet sore when you are dancing." ~ Taylor Hicks
"He not only controls our ovulation, he makes us take pretty pictures!!" (anonymous)
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