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General Board How-To Information/FAQ
10-23-2008, 04:19 PM (This post was last modified: 10-23-2008 04:19 PM by admin.)
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Information General Board How-To Information/FAQ
If you look at the top of the screen by your name, you'll see User CP. This is where you can fill out your profile, create an avi and sig, etc. If everyone fills out the bio with some of their interests,area,etc. it will be easy to find members that live near you, or ones that have common interests.

This area is also where you'll find your private message mailbox. THR staff cannot see your private messages--they really are private.

Navigation: If you click View New Posts you'll get all the new ones since you last visited--a good way to review quickly. You can also click View Today's Posts for daily run down.

Just click Chat to get into the chat room. If you want to start a chat, just post a thread with a day and time so others can join you.

Our Jukebox is functional. If you have requests or MP3s to contribute, please PM member mari to have it programmed in.

Our admins are still learning their way around the Photo Gallery, but if you would like to share photos, please do so in the Pictures forum. If you want to share video or MP3s, you can do that in the Audio/Video forum. We might contact you later if we want to move your media into the Gallery (or Jukebox for MP3s).

Avatars: Choose your picture you want to use. Then go to a program like (free to start an account, and it's good if you want to put pics in your posts here too) to upload your new avi image. Once it's done, you'll have options to resize to avatar size, copy the code, url, etc. Just copy the url and paste into our avatar box and you'll be all set. Avis must be 100x100 pixels or less, and under 50KB.

Signatures: You can have a text signature, graphic signature, or none at all. If you use a graphic sig, please keep it a reasonable size (like 450px wide by 150px high).

Posting photos: When you post a thread or reply, click on the little square above the text box with the mountain and orange sun. A pop-up box will appear where you need to type in the URL of the pic you want from Photobucket. The URL will be listed under each picture you store: click on the box labeled "Direct Link" to copy the code. After you type in the URL, click enter and it will appear in your post as [ IMG]........[ /IMG] (without the spaces). When you view your post, your pic appears! (If you see a tiny red "x" it means you made a mistake with the URL.) If the photo you post is not your own, please give credit to the person who took it, or if you don't know who that is, let us know where you got it. Photos not credited this way will be removed.

Alternately, skip the part with the mountain/sun and just copy the IMG code from the four options Photobucket gives you, and paste it directly into the post.

Why is the time on posts wildly wrong? You need to go to the User CP and reset your time zone. On the left side of the control panel, you should see a menu. About halfway down the menu, click on the link "Edit Options" (in the section Your Profile). You should now see several boxes, one is titled "Date and Time Options". If you are in Eastern time zone, the Time zone drop-down menu should say "GMT -5:00 Hours (12:00 PM)". Right below that is a check box labeled "Enable Daylight Savings Time Correction". Check that box, then scroll down to the button "Update Options", and click that button.

Why am I a "junior member"? The one-liner that appears under your name on all your posts is your "subnic". If you'd like your subnic to say something other than "Junior Member" or whatever, log in to the User CP, and on the left you'll see "Change Profile" -- click that. On the right of your screen, there is a box labeled "Custom User Title". Go ahead and change that to whatever you'd like. Then scroll down to the bottom and save the changes to your profile. That's it!

Got other questions? Post them in this thread and an admin (or another member) will get you an answer! There are no dumb questions.

One last note... Please don't PM the "admin" user who posted this. The PM box is not monitored. PM one of our other admins or post here instead. Thanks!

(Also, thanks to NESP for the various tutorials herein. One advantage to using the same brand board is you can borrow FAQs!)
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